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Ooh! That's Too Cold!

Yes, it is true, the temperature has dropped, the furnace is on, and it is getting cold outside. But I am referring to the temperature of my white wine this time of the year. As you may recall, we recently discussed the interesting wines-specifically the whites- from Northern Rhone. To prove that I walk the walk and talk the talk, I reached for a special Chardonnay

that I had been cellaring for a few years, and had moved it to my refrigerator to remind myself it is time to enjoy it. Hirsch Vineyards Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 2012.  As you will see as you read about this Chardonnay, it is a special Chardonnay that is heralded by many of the critics. I was looking forward to it! However, when I opened it, I was initially disappointed; the nose was closed and the palate was quiet. Hmm. I was perplexed. And then I realized, it was too cold! Chardonnays are best served at 50 – 55 degrees F. Most of our refrigerators store foods at temperatures between 35-40 degrees F. So I needed to let the wine sit, breathe and warm up. It was fine, as I was roasting my carrots for dinner, so I had time. When I returned I was pleasantly greeted by that full mouthfeel, light oak and minerality that this wine is known for. It was a real treat.  Another interesting cold fact, was that as my husband poured the wine, he said, “There are ice crystals in here!” Actually they are Tartrate Crystals or Wine Diamondsand they can occur when the wines are stored in temperatures below 45 degrees. So there you go!  Go ahead and warm your toes and your wine by the fire, you will enjoy your wine and the season that much more!

We will be back with Southern Rhone next time!

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Happy Halloween!


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