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Who Do You Love?

At Events by Marylee, we LOVE our Clients and our talented team of hospitality professionals. 

What better way to show your LOVE in February or any time of the year than with an intimate dining experience for your closest friends or that special someone in your life.

May we recommend a Cooking Class of Classic or Fusion Cuisines including Sushi Rolling!  

A Private Chef Dinner prepared in your home. 

Wine Dinners, Wine Pairings and Wine Tastings are all possible through the amazing talent and skills of the professionals at Events by Marylee. 

Even Fondue Too!

Who do you know that would LOVE this experience? Share this post with them, or call me TODAY! 203-554-6069

Hear what Chef Scott has to say:

“When catering in a home, there are always a few people who hang out in the kitchen and ask questions.  This inspired us to offer private cooking classes for 6 to 10 guests!  Why leave the comfort of your home? Now you have the opportunity to really use and enjoy that big center island in your beautiful kitchen while learning some new recipes, cooking techniques, and enjoying a wonderful fresh meal with good friends.   Custom menus and cuisines of your choice.  Appetizer, main course and even dessert.  Guaranteed to be lots of fun too! “ Chef Scott Call or email now to reserve your date!


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