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Event Consulting Stamford CT

Ask the Expert!
Do you need some assistance? 

Are you looking for a speaker?  

Do you have questions regarding Service, Events and entertaining in this time of COVID?  

Don't need help planning your whole event, just a few small details are missing?

Are you having trouble putting it all together?

Are you unable to find a location for your event?

Are you a Bride or client that needs to change your venue unexpectedly?

Are you scrambling to make changes at the last minute and need some extra help? 

Would you love access to my "little black book" of contacts, expertise and experience?

Do you need some Catering, Menu planning, or other Party Planning Advice?

How about Wine Pairings or beverage selections? It would be my pleasure to assist you!

Do you need a tent or some lighting?

Are you looking for some entertainment, games, DJ’s, Bands, Photo booths or Performers?

It is my pleasure to assist you! Short deadlines are not a problem, we can calmly manage your circumstances with ease!

  • Small and Large events: 5-500!

  • Location Logistics

  • Detailed Timelines

  • Menu Planning

  • Catering Coordination

  • Bar and Beverage Selections

  • Virtual Events

  • Live Streaming (for those who cant attend)

  • Rental Assistance and more…

Contact Us
Phone: 203-554-6069
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