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Event Consulting Stamford CT

Ask the Expert!

  • Do you need some assistance? 

  • Are you looking for a speaker?  

  • Do you have questions regarding Service, Events and entertaining in this time of COVID? 

  • Don't need help planning your whole event, just a few small details are missing?

  • Are you having trouble putting it all together?

  • Are you unable to find a location for your event?

  • Are you a Bride or client that needs to change your venue unexpectedly?

  • Are you scrambling to make changes at the last minute and need some extra help? 

  • Would you love access to my "little black book" of contacts, expertise and experience?

  • Do you need some Catering, Menu planning, or other Party Planning Advice?

  • How about Wine Pairings or beverage selections? It would be my pleasure to assist you!

  • Do you need a tent or some lighting?

  • Are you looking for some entertainment, games, DJ’s, Bands, Photo booths or Performers?

  • It is my pleasure to assist you! Short deadlines are not a problem, we can calmly manage your circumstances with ease!

Contact Us
Phone: 203-554-6069
  • Small and Large events: 5-500!

  • Location Logistics

  • Detailed Timelines

  • Menu Planning

  • Catering Coordination

  • Bar and Beverage Selections

  • Virtual Events

  • Live Streaming (for those who cant attend)

  • Rental Assistance and more…

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