I cannot tell you the relief I felt after meeting with you

Laura, Bedford, NY, 4/8/21

I cannot tell you the relief I felt after meeting with you and Isi! (Exit 4 Catering) I am a working mom and my husband travels constantly (every weekend from August until April) which leaves me juggling so many responsibilities. To know that you and Isi (Exit 4) have a history of working together along with a knowledge that is unparalleled in my opinion is the best feeling for me, as I just want everything to be as perfect as it can be to show (my son) how happy we are for him. He is the kindest child and has been working so hard for this to happen.

You researched guidelines, enacted safety protocols and helped us to learn how to cope

Frances Johnson 12/31/20

As we closed out the year of 2020, I thought of you and what an amazing person you are.  Such

a fine example of how to stay positive and offer encouragement to others in the face of

adversity.  Your newsletters in the past year have been nothing short of inspirational.  You

showed us how to use time wisely getting your staff certified in various things needed for your

industry, researched guidelines, enacted safety protocols and helped us to learn how to cope

with the sadness of social distancing with counter measures.  I so admire the way you stayed

steadfast to keep your business alive throughout all these months while you had almost

no events to work, During the past year you have provided a service to everyone else with your

good cheer and encouraging messages. In short, you gave us hope for the future.


Thank you for bringing joy into our lives with your wonderful attitude towards life, all the great

tips you have provided to help us focus on smaller, fun things to do, and setting proper

expectations for us socially as we make our way out of the nightmare of this pandemic in 2021. I

look forward to receiving the latest news from you.


You are one of the smartest and most caring people I know.  I am so proud to call you my


The food was delicious

Dolly  12/9/20 

The ladies were great and the food delicious. Thank you for all your help.

Super helpful, professional & had beautiful taste

N., Harrison, 11/1/20

Hi Marylee. Wanted to note that Leah was great. Super helpful, professional, and had beautiful taste plating the food. Thank you very much.

Wow! Amazing experience! Never imagined pulling this off in 2020!

Deborra Howard, 10/13/2020

WOW! Such an amazing experience! I can not stop gushing my gratitudes to Marylee for her attention to detail, organizational skills, help and suggestions. With Marylee's assistance I was able to pull off a surprise birthday party for my husband. Including touchless serving, socialized distanced seating, proper sanitizers available, disposable and recyclable service ware and more.I never imagined I could pull this off in 2020!

The event was a huge success.

Anonymous, 10/13/20

Thanks Marylee! Yourself and staff did an amazing job and made the event a
huge success.

Your team was WONDERFUL!

Nikki, 9/15/20

Your team was WONDERFUL! The food was delicious and the kitchen was absolutely spotless when we came inside at the end of the party. Well done all around. Thanks for making the night such a success

A pleasure to work with.

Mary Ellen Munro, 9/7/20

Marylee was professional and a pleasure to work with helping set up a special anniversary dinner for my parents. I look forward to working with her again.

Absolutely Perfect!

Joanne, Norwalk, 8/6/20

AMAZING!! Thank You!!! It was absolutely perfect! Angelica was awesome!

With COVID, everything was coordinated perfectly

Mayann Weinberg, 8/10/20

Marylee is a pleasure to work with. She is professional and personable. There were so many details and then with COVID-19 everything was turned upside down. Marylee was so well informed with new CDC and state guidelines as our plan changed to a smaller immediate family social distanced wedding. Everything was coordinated perfectly for our new plan and event. The staff was wonderful and very professional with all the new social distancing guidelines. I highly recommend Marylee to everyone and would like to work together again in the future.

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