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Bar, Beverages and Ice

Cocktails, Beverages, and Ice:

  • One Case of Wine is about 50 glasses of wine

  • One Bottle of wine is 4-5 glasses; depends how big is your glass and your pour 

  • One bottle of Champagne is 5-6 glasses or 60-72 glasses in a case

  • For a champagne toast you can get 8 glasses per bottle or 96 per case

  • On average, guests have two drinks in 1st hour; Then 1 drink per hour

  • Plan on 3 clean glasses per person when renting glassware

  • Consider extra glasses just for water if dancing, hot night or spicy food 

  • I Love Stemless wine glasses as the new All Purpose glass! Available in plastic, disposable options, too! Tossware

  • One liter of Alcohol (Rum, Vodka, Tequila, etc.) is 20-25 Mixed drinks

  • 750ml of Alcohol is about 20 mixed drinks

  • Recommend limited choices such as 2 White wines and 2 red wines

  • Nice to vary wines between cocktails and different wines for dinner

  • Beer- Less is more-limit options to a Domestic, A light beer and an Import or Craft Beer choice can substitute for one option

  • **When serving Corona Don’t forget the Limes! Cut small to fit in bottle!

  • Pellegrino or other sparkling water or flavored club sodas are a MUST for all non-drinkers and designated drivers

  • Mixers: Cola, Diet Cola, Tonic, Ginger ale, possibly ginger beer for Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormys 

  • Be sure your mixers are fresh! Carbonated beverages lose their fizz!

  • Try a Craft Mixer like Fever Tree or Ripe brand

  • Premixed Signature cocktails served in Beverage Dispensers are always festive! Such as Sangria or Margaritas!

  • Need 1-3lbs of ice per person depending on the weather and if there are mixed drinks

  • Don’t forget Ice to chill Wine and Beer! Have Ice delivered by your liquor store, order or arrange a delivery with Marylee from the Ice Man!!! 

  • Large tubs take about 35 lbs of ice!

  • When setting the table, ice for 10 glasses is one full 5-7lb bag; or 1 bag of ice per table! 10 tables, 10 bags gone!

  • If Cold out, you can store wine and beer outside and save on Ice!

  • All mixers, lemons, limes, garnish and coffee items can easily be ordered in advance from PeaPod or Instacart and on short notice from 

  • Don’t forget Mocktails for the younger crowd or non-drinking guests

  • Work with a liquor store or wine shop that offers delivery and pick up of unopened, unchilled inventory after your party to make your life super easy!

    Need more tips?

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