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Are you a Coffee Connoisseur?

Are you a Coffee Connoisseur? Maybe a Coffee Snob? For me, maybe it comes from drinking bad office coffee every day. Yuk. Just as we have developed discerning tastes for our food, wine and service, it has trickled down now where bad coffee is not only undesirable, it is unacceptable. More and more people are acquiring a definite preference for coffee as well as how it is prepared. I believe Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and maybe even Cumberland Farms has a fresh pot policy that a fresh pot is brewed every 15-30mins, depending on which blog you read--I could not find official corporate documentation to support this claim, but I am sure many of you have heard of this policy or urban legend before. And if you've ever had a cup of old coffee, you will never forget the difference! It is especially noticeable if you drink your coffee black like I do. With the boom in popularity of Keurig and Nespresso, most of us have the option of a fresh cup every time, and this luxury has spoiled us. I know that my Nespresso machine has spoiled me! That and a trip to Italy, and American coffee is ruined forever! I have a friend that swears the water she uses influences the taste and coffee experience, and in her quest to recreate the coffee from her European trip, she uses mineral water in her machine and it is the closest she can get to being there!

So why shouldn’t coffee be equally important for your party? Often for large parties there is no other option than to perk coffee in large commercial percolators that are temperamental and draw a lot of electricity, often blowing fuses if not operated strategically. Then the coffee sits in a Samovar with a Sterno. It is not bad, it is just not that transcendental experience that we are growing accustomed to. So whenever appropriate, I recommend clients consider a cappuccino or espresso service as a nice value add to their event. There is less waste, as cups are only made by request by a friendly Barista; and that delightful aroma will fill the air and invigorate your guests. It is especially symbolic as it is served at the end of the night. If every detail and taste has been meticulously curated, why drop the ball on the coffee? End your night on a top note!

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your event over a cup of coffee! Call or email me today!


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