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Aromatic Awakening! A Botanical Gin Experience

There is a show on the Food Network called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”- great show! We can talk about food another time… Today’s newsletter could be titled, “The Best Thing I Ever Drank!” When you watch the show, all the presenters, usually celebrities explain that they distinctly remember where they were, what they were doing and who they were with when they had these amazing transcendental experiences with food- and listening to their descriptions, you feel like you are there with them - You can almost taste it!

This past year I have had an Aromatic Awakening… A Botanical Experience thanks to the emergence of Craft Gin distillers and Craft Cocktails. I distinctly remember my first experience, at the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival 2016. There was a host bar for Citibank and we had passes. I have NEVER been a Gin drinker, nor had I ever tried it before. But being at the festival I was game. They were featuring The Botanist Gin with Fever Tree Tonic served over ice and loaded with many fresh herbs and lime. It was a bouquet in a glass! My first sip was ethereal! It was a hot day, and the delicate aromas immediately took me away to a place of pure bliss! My mind was blown.  Fearful that I might not ever be able to recreate that experience, I did not try Gin again for a while. Then last month, at the Palace Theatre Gala there were a few vendors displaying Craft Cocktails and Spirits. I tried a Vodka first with muddled cucumber- it did not do it. The flavors were not infused or incorporated. I put it down. But the next table, there were Craft Gin Cocktails featuring #Gin Lane 1751 His featured cocktail used “Victoria Pink Gin” in lemon juice cucumber simple syrup and club soda. Well, that was IT!! I was back in a state of transcendence. The crowd slipped away and I enjoyed every sip! Grapefruit juice also pairs well with Gin as it is powerful enough to stand up to the strong botanicals. A symphony of flavors in harmony, and if you sip long enough, you can taste every note!

In composing this newsletter I could not help but notice the parallels to the art of wine tasting and that mind expanding experience when you actually taste the strawberries or violets in a Pinot Noir. I consulted with my friend and colleague Joel Lall, Sommelier, and part two of this newsletter will feature Joel’s commentary on the renewed popularity of Gin as a Spirit as well as a worthy contender in the Craft Cocktail experience. Like the first time with a new pair of glasses, I hope you are as fortunate to experience some cocktails in the same magical way.

I challenge you to expand your culinary (aromatic) experiences. You don’t have to go to London for great Gin. Believe it or not, Connecticut is home to an award winning Gin; Asylum Distillery, the first Distillery in CT since prohibition-97yrs ago, produces a Silver Medal Gin.  I have enjoyed Asylum Gin in many Craft Cocktails and you can too! You can visit Bridget and Rob Schulten, at the distillery, schedule a tour and possibly even host a private tasting or event in their space! Events by Marylee, LLC would be happy to assist you.

Stay tuned!Feel free to give us a call today to learn how we can help. Forward to a friend! We appreciate your referrals and promise to treat them as well as we have treated you.

Happy Father's Day!


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