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Begin in Gratitude

Hello Everyone!

It is great to be back!

It is a practice of mine to always Begin in Gratitude, so I thought I would start the New Year and this series of Newsletters with a note of Gratitude! For the past two years there has been an emphasis on what we can’t or should not do. I want to shift that to the positive and focus on what we Can Do and Celebrate our Joys and accomplishments and encourage you to build on that by always adding just a small element of surprise or adventure. Think of it as the punctuation, or “the Baam!” that Emeril has taught us! Just that little something extra or different we can do each day and with each event that we choose to plan and celebrate. There may just be that one small extra note we can add to make each moment more joyful and memorable.

One simple item I always try to bring to an event are colorful paper straws. They are easy to pick up, sometimes I find them in the beverage aisle of the grocery store- you don’t even have to go out of your way to find them. Their bright colors and retro look will brighten your beverage, add color and interest to your bar or your smoothie, and the straw even looks like an exclamation point in your drink! Maybe they will remind you of a fun time. My goal is to just make you smile.

For a daily practice, if you are working from home or back in the office, try and find room on your desk for a bud vase to add a little sunshine to your day. Flowers are also easy to pick up at the grocery store. I am always amazed at how affordable they are at Trader Joe’s. During these cold grey days, a small flower can bring you a smile and remind you to be thankful for today.

When you are driving to work, running errands or heading to appointments, take a detour once in a while; try a different route and be sure to notice something new along the way that makes you smile. For me it can be the beauty of seeing different trees than I normally see and admiring their patterns and textures and strength. The winter allows us to see them as they are without the additional frill of the leaves or flowers of the spring. The beauty of their branches brings me Joy.

I encourage you to find reasons every day to be grateful and I challenge you to find ways to elevate the ordinary with an element of surprise and delight. I look forward to assisting you in planning those events that are meant to bring us Joy and celebrate our Milestones and accomplishments. It will be fun to find that one additional element of surprise or adventure that will just elevate the experience and make it unique and memorable! Baam!

I am grateful for you!


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