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Bubbles, Sparkles and Sprinkles! It’s all about the Bubbles!

Tis the Season to raise your glass of bubbly and toast to your family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. Sharing good cheer and best wishes with all. What is your favorite Bubbly or go to Party Sparkler?  In the past, the classic and standard was Champagne, famous for its tiny bubbles as Don Ho would say.  But today, you could be offered Prosecco from Italy, Sparkling wine from California, Cava from Spain, Cremant from France and of course, the original, Champagne. But what is the difference and do you have a preference? Which one is the best value? Which variety is the most food friendly? Well the answer to that question is usually the same, “it depends.” It depends on the occasion, how much do you need? What is your budget or price point? Who are you serving? What is their taste preference? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. As in all categories of food and wine, the choices are endless today. Ultimately, what you prefer is what matters anyway.

Prosecco has become so popular and mainstream, I find when people actually have Champagne, they may not even like it because the taste and flavor profiles are so different. People have become accustomed to the light, fresh nose of Prosecco, and might not have had Champagne in a while. If you know your bubbles, and you do a blind, side by side comparison of Champagne and Prosecco, the differences would be pretty obvious I believe. The proof can be seen in the Bubbles! Champagne as previously noted, has tiny bubbles that form a mousse in your mouth. Prosecco has a larger, courser bubble. With regards to taste, the literal “toast, yeast, brioche” aroma and flavor that is characteristic of Champagne is the dead giveaway; as well as the color. Prosecco tends to be more colorless, whereas Champagne has a more golden, yellow hue. This article by Wine Folly does an excellent job on the comparison. There are great charts and maps, too if you care to learn more. The differences are a result of the different methods of production and grapes used, as well as where they are grown. Prosecco is fermented in a tank relatively quickly, and Champagne is a labor intensive process which is reflected in lower production and higher prices. If you are doing a toast to a special occasion, or serving a dinner, then Champagne deserves to be your bubble of choice to complement the event.

If you are hosting a cocktail party where guests have the option of enjoying their Bubbles either straight or in a creative cocktail then for simplicity, Prosecco would be my recommendation.  Some fun festive sparkling cocktails to try are Poinsettia (scroll to the bottom of the previous link to read the note on Prosecco), Lemon Ginger Prosecco Cocktail (follow the link and enjoy the comments about Prosecco), and a variation of this, made with Lemoncello! But Prosecco pairs easily as a Bellini and with St Germain. Delish! Many sparkling wines, also come in fun festive colors, too. Rose has risen in popularity alongside Prosecco. And it is no surprise that Sparling Rose is also equally popular. Legally, there is no official Rose Prosecco due to labeling laws, but that may soon change. Even so, it has not affected the popularity of the product no matter who produces it. So if you are looking to add some color to your holiday Bubbles, Rose is not just for the summer anymore! A few years ago I came across a Blue Sparkler. I thought it was an oddity, a special order, something not readily available. Until now, I started to see more of this product pop up! So I was curious and decided to dive in! If you are adventurous like me, you might want to surprise your guests this year with some “Blue Prosecco!” Technically, it is not a true prosecco, but rather a sparkling wine, with added color and flavor to produce this new sparkling beverage. Today’s beverages provide so many options and flavors, it really makes entertaining Pop!

The point of a toast is to celebrate. So toast with whatever makes you Smile😊; whatever makes you Happy, Whatever brings you Joy! Champagne, Cremant, Cava, Prosecco, Rose, or Blue Bubbles! It does not matter. Just celebrate, smile and enjoy this sparkling time of the year.

So here’s to you! Events by Marylee is happy to add some Sparkle and Bubbles to your Holiday Celebration! Call us today! Cheers!


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