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Crazy for Condiments

Want to add some Spice to your life? Kick up the Condiments! The grey weather we have been having leaves me feeling a little blah and bored. When lunch time comes, I am looking for something to wake up the day as there is usually no sunshine around. How do you wake up a common everyday sandwich for lunch? Rather than turn to chips, which is oh so easy to do… I recommend you try to spice up your lunch with some Condiments! Most deli counters feature some sort of gourmet mayonnaise or spread. Think of Pesto to bring in the taste of summer on a grey winter’s day. I have a favorite sandwich, called the Valeria, it is a pressed Panini and it is grilled chicken, with roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and pesto sauce. Yum! Instant summer on a bun! Another condiment I love is the Spicy Mayo you find on Sushi today. When I peruse the sushi case, I always prefer the rolls that have the Spicy Mayo over plain. It must be the combination of the sesame oil and the Sriracha as the secret ingredient that keeps me wanting more. So easy to make your own, follow the link above or just remember it is Sriracha Mayonnaise with an Asian Flair. (Sriracha hot sauce, sesame oil and mayonnaise) Love it as a dip with chicken tenders, too. (Can you tell it is comfort food season?) Before Sriracha became so popular, everyone loved chipotle spiced mayonnaise. (Chipotle is red Jalapeno peppers that have been smoked; creating layers of heat and smoke to enjoy. Temper that with some Mayonnaise and you have a winning combination!) I recall French’s made a line of gourmet mayonnaise and my favorite flavor was the Chipotle Mayo. Again, a great way to wake up a turkey Sammy! (I need to remember that when November comes!) I just found out that McCormick Spices bought French’s and it is unclear if that line of flavored mayonnaise are still available. One of our Chefs is always raving about Wasabi Mayonnaise. I have caught Chef Scott posing for selfies in the grocery store with his favorite condiment! When I knew I was going to write this piece, I reached out to Scott to ask for his input. He was excited to share with you these tips to add some spice to your life! “Condiments can make the dish! Do you like it Hot? You'll love May-O-Sabi! Made with real wasabi and the finest ingredients, May-O-Sabi is perfect on cooked fish or Sushi and great as an Asian Pork meatball dip. It's available at your local Shop Rite stores in the Deli Department!” Scott also wanted to share that he loves to make his own condiments and uses them regularly to spice up his everyday cooking. He would love to share some of his secrets with you in a cooking class or demo as he will always give you some of his personal flair. "

I use Annie's Organic Ketchup as a base for a zesty seafood (lobster, crab, shrimp or scallop) dip. Add lime juice, chopped capers, diced shallots, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce to taste. Lastly, flavored extra virgin olive oils are a staple all over Italy. The secret is to warm (not heat) the EVOO with herbs and veggies of choice and allow to marinate a day at room temp before straining. Shallots, sweet red peppers, hot peppers, rosemary, Thyme, or Basil are great choices. Bon Appetito!” Coincidentally, as I was preparing to write this newsletter for you, I got a copy of the local paper delivered that weekend to my driveway, and sure enough, in the Sunday Arts and Style Section, there was an article about Condiments by Katie Workman, “A Guide to new Condiments on Grocers Shelves”  As soon as I saw that, I knew I was on to something HOT!! Katie points out a few other interesting spreads, spices and condiments that you might want to try. Do you have a favorite spice or condiment you want to share? Have you tried May-o-Sabi? Chef Scott would love to hear from you. Scott and the other Chefs and hospitality professionals at Events by Marylee have a love and passion for what they do and are always looking forward to sharing that love of food and hospitality with you. Give us a call, we can spice up your day!


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