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Spring Flowers and Floral Arrangements

With the arrival of Spring I can’t help but think of flowers. Seeing the crocus pop every year always makes me happy! Followed by the cheer and warmth of the appearance of the daffodils. It is a happy time of the year for sure.

It is not surprising that flowers play an important part in our celebrations. The joy that we experience in seeing flowers grow naturally is concentrated in arrangements and bouquets at our celebrations. Flowers have the ability to embody our emotions and elevate our mood and experiences not only by their beauty in shape, color and texture, but also their sweet scent that can linger in the air unmistakably.

We have the ability to enjoy the simple pleasure of flowers by making our own arrangements for our home, or even for an event where you want to add your own personal touch. It is not uncommon for clients to tell me that either they like to do their own flowers or a friend or family member has offered to take care of arrangements as their expression of love and contribution to the occasion. I encourage people to do their own flowers when it is appropriate as I do feel it is important to keep a personal element in celebrations, whether that is using your own dishes, entertaining at home or making a favorite food- those personal additions add so much more than just the object or action alone.

Flowers have the ability to stabilize a room; pull the energy and elements together, create harmony and express love and set the mood. When using flowers as part of event décor, they can be relaxing or energetic. They can help to fill a large space, or simply be a small accent. I have recently started to appreciate elevated centerpieces and floral décor because we have all experienced trying to speak to or see someone across the table and not be able to do so because the centerpiece was too large! You don’t have to go smaller or lower, you can go Higher! Raise the flowers above eye level and create a cozy canopy for a whole new way to experience floral décor and transform your entertainment space. No one does elevated and full immersion floral design better than Ruth Ridgeway of Ruth Ridgeway Designs. Her work continues to delight and amaze me. Please note her elevated full immersion floral designs featured here.

Sometimes it is overwhelming to try to fill a whole room with flowers, but you can choose to concentrate décor in one area to make a bold statement. I love the popularity of accent walls, photo op walls, step and repeat or a themed space. The floral backdrop can take on the form of a piece of art. Lavish and lush, whimsical or functional- no matter what the purpose, their presence can’t be ignored.

Classic arrangements will always have a place in my heart and home, but it is fun to experiment and enjoy new ways of incorporating colors, shapes, sizes, textures and scents, and heights, too. Next time you pass by Trader Joe’s or a local florist, stop in and literally smell the roses and treat yourself to some, emotional balance, too!



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