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Environmentally Friendly Touches

In my previous newsletter I discussed plastic disposable/recyclable stemless wine and champagne flutes. Recently, the news has been abuzz with the announcement that Marriott Hotels is phasing out plastic straws and stir sticks, following the lead of Hyatt and other hotels (USA Today).  Starbucks is also moving to eliminate straws from their products, too. (NPR) I travel annually to the Caribbean, and many of the resorts I have stayed at in previous years have already eliminated plastic straws from their beach beverage service (unless you ask for them) as they recognize the impact on the beaches, the aquatic life and the environment at large.  I can also tell you that from a plumbing standpoint, the small straw/stir sticks can easily go right down your drain when discarding a beverage and then clog your pipes! So there are many reasons NOT to use plastic straws.

If you have experienced any of my events lately, you might have seen my personal touch of adding colorful paper straws to your bar service. They are fun, whimsical, festive, retro and of course, an environmentally friendly touch! Children and adults both love them; they bring a smile to all. One of my bartenders also liked the idea so much, that he now carries his own collection of straws and includes them in his bar set ups as part of his personal flair and attention to detailed service. These paper straws are pretty inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and patterns.  I pick them up wherever I can find them; Home Goods, Party City, grocery store, and of course!  The only downside to using them is that you can’t leave them in drinks for long periods of time; you have to drink fast! Otherwise, they do get soggy like cornflakes in milk!

As you sit and sip at the beach or by the pool this summer, are you planning any future entertainment? Feel free to reach out to Events by Marylee today. It is never too early to start to plan. Find out for yourself what our professional team and personal touches can do for your next event. We look forward to working with you and your referrals.

Stay tuned for next time, I have another sustainable tip to share with you all. Enjoy your summer!


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