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Environmentally Friendly Touches Part 2

As promised in my last newsletter about festive paper straws, I wanted to share with you another environmentally friendly alternative practice you can incorporate in your events. It is even something most ladies might be familiar with already. When going to the salon or the spa or even high end hotels, have you noticed that you might get an actual wash cloth instead of a paper towel to dry your hands in the rest room?

When working in North Stamford, an area that has septic systems, I immediately thought of this alternative. We were discussing the use or purchase of personalized guest towels for the bathroom, and I immediately said, “You have to be careful that your guests do not accidentally flush those down the toilet or you could have some trouble.” I could see that I hit a chord of concern by the look on their faces. I suggested instead purchasing in bulk, wash cloths, that we could roll and put in baskets in the powder rooms for the guests to use. After the party, they can be washed and reused- or donated if you no longer have a use for them. Being that they were in the cosmetics industry, they were immediate adopters of the idea!!

I can tell you that this is not only a good idea if you have a septic system, but also on the municipal sanitary system- blocked or clogged pipes is a sure way to dampen the mood of a great event! I was on an event on a party boat one time, and there was a casino night theme, the lavatory was clogged because someone put all the monopoly money in the toilet! So you never know! Lol!

In doing some research for this newsletter, I came across a company called Unpaper towels on Etsy. These are fancier in patterns, but they do come in a roll that snaps the towels together. I also found this blog about using washcloths as I suggested above on It is good to know that we are all on the same page environmentally speaking.

Would you like to discuss some sustainable options or ideas for your next event? I would love to brainstorm with you. Reach out to Events by Maryleetoday. I look forward to working with you and your referrals.


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