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Fire up the grill!

Fire up the Grill! Grilling Season is (almost) here!

Days are getting longer and warmer (we hope soon).  With the extra daylight we can confidently include grilled items in our entertaining plans. Grilling allows you to expand the available cooking space of your kitchen, as well as add some personal control over your menu. Most people have a favorite place to buy meat and fish, so when working on your menu and caterer choices, you can easily gain control of the cost and quality of your meats by purchasing from your own trusted sources and having your catering staff do the rest!

The skilled culinary team from Events by Marylee, LLC are happy to grill your fish, meats and veggies, too! Many times your service team may include Chefs, Sous Chefs or Kitchen Assistants needed to execute other parts of your event; why not take advantage of the talent at your fingertips!  Call or email me today and see how Events by Marylee can add some grilling skill to your party!

Here is a review of a recent culinary team:

"Blanca and Christie were wonderful, and we have no idea how we would have gotten through yesterday without them.  They were both so easy to work with and so accommodating...and acclimated to the brand new surroundings immediately!! Blanca helped with not only carving the turkey and the prime rib, but she ended up cooking the filets as well.  Christie was so cheerful and helpful, they could both anticipate things that I needed before I saw them.  Their attention to detail was phenomenal.  Please tell them thank you again from both Michael and myself- and to you too for getting us help on such short notice. We will definitely be calling you again in the future. Thanks a million once again!!" Sincerely, Michael and Jacquie


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