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Food Truck Fun

Food trucks are all the rage today! There are food trucks for every occasion and cuisine: sweet or savory like pizza or popsicles! Food trucks are tons of fun and add an element of surprise and spontaneity- reminding us of our youth! Who doesn’t love to hear the music from the “Mister Softee” Ice cream truck as he drives up the road? They lend themselves perfectly to graduations, 50th Birthday celebrations and even an engagement party! This week alone, Events by Marylee has had a food truck incorporated in each of these celebrations as either the main attraction or a side distraction.

However, Food trucks don’t always provide everything you need to pull your party together. You may need tables and chairs for your guests, or hi top cocktail tables, custom napkins, floral, etc. … but most importantly, you will need a bar and bartenders as well as servers to help clean up and make the event run smoothly.

Maybe you would like a few additional food items to be served before the Truck arrives – passed or stationary appetizers.  Events by Marylee is happy to assist you with coordinating these details to make your event seamless in the most casual and comfortable way.  Feel free to call us today.

What is your favorite food truck? Reply and let me know and I would be happy to include them in my list of recommended vendors.

Events by Marylee would like to acknowledge the devastation and loss in NY and CT as a result of the devastating storms of May 15. Our sincere thoughts of comfort and care are with all of you that may still be affected or lives disrupted. Take time to pay it forward to those still in need.


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