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Give Love

Commercially, February is known as the Love Month because of Valentine’s Day. Christmas was barely over and Valentine’s advertisements were already in the stores! We all want to do something special for the ones we love on Valentine’s Day, but do we really know what they would like or what they might appreciate most? Do you know your sweetheart’s Love Language? There is a book and online quiz called The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman. It is quick and easy to take the quiz and it can be super helpful in knowing what your loved one appreciates most.

According to Gary Chapman, the Five Love Languages are: Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch. Traditionally Valentine’s Day is about gift giving/Receiving Gifts- Roses or Chocolates or Jewelry; but are receiving gifts really what matters most to your partner? Maybe they are moved by and prefer Physical Touch or Spending Quality time together? Getting a gift is always nice and appreciated, but if they really prefer quality time, the gift is not as deep or meaningful as it could be if you reached them where it mattered most. How about Words of Affirmation? Writing or telling them something personal, positive and complimentary could be very special if you have not previously taken the time to show your love through words. Some of the Love Languages can be incorporated in daily practices; small, thoughtful gifts or surprises in a lunch bag daily, or an act of service, such as emptying the dishwasher or doing the laundry or grocery shopping can be a refreshing surprise to your partner.

Knowing someone’s Love Language might also be useful when planning parties or celebrations for others. Some people don’t like surprises or big parties- doing something small, intimate and special might be appreciated more than throwing a big event where they may feel uncomfortable. Surely they recognize the effort and thoughtfulness even if it was a surprise, but it is not the same as truly knowing what makes someone tick.

As a planner, we say Celebrate Love and Joy every month, not just in February. Every day and every event is an opportunity to celebrate love and give love. Are you still at a loss for how to express your Love for someone this month? Why not take the quiz together and discover what makes each of you glow. Then be sure to celebrate together!

I like to share with you my Love Language; Words of Affirmation through gratitude and appreciation. Sending you heartfelt intentions for a great day filled with a warm smile and some unexpected acts of thoughtfulness.


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