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Grab and Go Pool Parties and BBQs

Nothing says Fourth of July more than a Pool Party and a BBQ. The question is, how do you host your celebration and practice responsible socializing while being mindful of the contactless style of service that COVID 19 has created and still have a fun and safe time? One way is to provide a Grab and Go style buffet! As you probably have heard, traditional self-serve buffets are not allowed under current COVID guidelines. Food has to be covered or served by staff to protect it from potential contamination thereby limiting how many hands touch it. Individually wrapped sandwiches and snack sized packages of chips, pretzels or cookies are a convenient way to start! A quick trip to Costco for a variety pack of snacks is the perfect solution, with the added benefit that the snacks remain fresh and crisp instead of soggy from the humidity or errant splashes from the pool! Wrapped sandwich platters are an easy purchase from your favorite deli, grocery store or caterer. While at Costco, be sure to pick up individual packets of ketchup and mustard as the communal bowl with spoon or squeeze bottles are not allowed as too many hands touch them. So what to do about burgers and dogs? Why not have your grill person (Dad) Place each Hot Dog or Hamburger in its own container? We all have numerous take out containers laying around or maybe you are able to find those red and white checkered “boats” that you get from Food Trucks- As long as the “chef” hands the food directly to your guest, you are good to go! You don’t want to leave them open, uncovered on the table. You can do the same thing for dessert. If you cut and serve your patriotic cake directly onto plates and hand them to your guests, it will still taste just as delicious as if you left it sitting on the table, maybe even better!

If you take the time to think creatively, you will be able to come up with clever solutions that might actually make your life easier. Covered food does not attract bees and flies which are always pesky at BBQ’s.  The protocols we are learning to embrace are really just good common sense for the protection of Public Health as well as just good basic Hygiene. Washing your hands and access to clean water is something we take for granted here in the US. The success and foundation of our society was based on those principles. If you look at it as an opportunity to appreciate these basic practices, we all may be healthier in the future.

If you are still feeling challenged, you can always reach out to me. I enjoy a good challenge and we can brainstorm together! Feel free to call or email me. I have a team of trained professionals that are ready to assist you anytime! I look forward to hearing from you! Have a fun and safe Fourth of July! Happy Birthday America!



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