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Grilled Cheese? Literally!!

We recently discussed grilling Fish, Meats and Veggies; but did you know that you can actually Grill Cheese!

Occasionally I get to be a guest! A client, colleague and friend, Inka and her husband Paul, introduced us to this delicious concept. Yes, you literally slice the cheese and place it on the grill, and Grill it! Grill marks and all! It was so delicious! We had it as an appetizer and then because we could not get enough of this new taste sensation, enjoyed it with our grilled steak, too!

We are fortunate to live in this part of the country that is ethnically diverse with access to a wide variety of food. So I headed off to the grocery store- I was confident that I had seen this colorful brand in the store before, but was not familiar with it and did not know anything about it! You can learn more about it here.

Our attempts to grill this delectable treat on our own were a trial and error as evidenced by this fellow blogger here.

The best way to be successful is to use a grill pad as suggested above; which we did not have but we figured it out and improvised by using aluminum foil on the grill and obtained the same delicious results. Now that I am more familiar with this treat, I recognize its placement in other appetizers, such as grilled cubes of cheese and veggies on a skewer! You can find many creative ways to work this delicacy into your menu and impress your guests, too!

Call me or email me today and we can brainstorm together as well as share stories of the cheese falling through the grates and burning like a toasted marshmallow! Events by Marylee was happy to be your food tester! Enjoy these personal photos of my non chef perfected technique.  

Here is a testimonial from a client that recently enjoyed the talents and service of Events by Marylee: 

"Peter and Michael were FABULOUS! Can’t thank you enough. We all had tons of fun... thanks to them!" --Courtney S. Wilson

Feel free to give us a call today to learn how we can help. We appreciate your referrals and promise to treat them as well as we have treated you.


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