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Has Kale jumped the Shark?

Do you remember when Kale was only a lowly dark green leafy garnish on stationary trays? Ubiquitous on all buffets? I remember when I first started working in Catering, it used to come in bulk in a cardboard case box and NO ONE ever thought about EATING IT!! Ugh!! Lol!  Then a few years went by and I discovered, “the Juiceman” and he touted Kale as a

superfood and recommended it in EVERY juice along with apples or pears to make it more palatable. For the past few years now, Kale has become omnipresent. You can find Kale Caesar Salads, (so great when you can’t buy Romaine) baby Kale side dishes, Kale chips and even Kale-io, a great new Gluten free, raw alternative to granola product created by a Chef colleague and friend that some of you might even know, Chef Quint Smith. If you have not tried it, you should look into it, and follow Chef Quint, too!

As it often happens, fame is a fickle flame. Today it is not hard to find equal numbers of Kale haters as Kale lovers! Kale has become the new hated vegetable, like broccoli was to President HW Bush in the 90’s. Or as Newman used to say, “Vile Weed!”

So it occurred to me while watching the Super Bowl, that I believe that Kale has Jumped the Shark! Or you might argue that it has finally gone mainstream. I noticed that Kale was featured in at least two Superbowl ads. Maybe you remember them, too? One was when Mr. Peanut saves A-Rod from eating Kale Chips.  And the TD Ameritrade commercial, “I say yes to everything but Kale!” 

Whether you love it or you hate it, Kale is here to stay. Recent publicity however, has not been as humorous as it was pointed out by the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog group that publishes its “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists annually, ranked Kale as the third dirtiest produce item. So choose your kale wisely.

In writing this for you, I wanted to share some humor. We can get so caught up in the details of our work, our lives, or events that we forget to laugh and have some fun. So stop and laugh with Kale. Love it or hate it, Events by Marylee is here to help you navigate the many choices and decisions of your life.  We can share information, resources, contacts and experiences, and hey, maybe we can even make you laugh! Call us today, it is our pleasure to assist you.


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