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Home for the Holidays, Part 2: Twinkle, Sparkle, and Shine

For most of the fall, our weather has been mild and I noticed many neighbors and businesses got a jump on Holiday decorating. Many people dislike early Holiday displays, however, this year I think we all can use that extra dose of Joy that we get when we see the lights and Holiday decorations. I was truly delighted to see them shine right after Thanksgiving and I am always sad when they finally get put away by the end of January. Enjoy the Sparkle and Magic they inspire as long as you can. If you

tire of your daily route, why not investigate some other neighborhood light displays safely from your own car. I met someone today who traveled to Long Island to view a famous display!

Click Here for a listing of local displays in CT; Click Here for displays and activities in Westchester NY

Do you prefer the bright colors or just the white lights? I find they evoke different emotions- The colors are more joyful and fun, while the white lights are peaceful and eternal for me. As many of you know, white lights can be functional in your backyard and home décor year round. Market style string lights in a back yard not only provide lighting but can define an open space making it feel more intimate and instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is much more desirable than traditional home flood lights!

White lights look great in trees and along decks, architecturally, both indoors and out year round! It is a way of keeping the Sparkle in your home all year. Use the lights to accentuate your firepit areas!

Fairy lights are also popular to use indoors-whether in a Mason jar or wine bottle, they are an easy way to make your everyday décor sparkle. Greenwich Historical hosted their Annual fundraiser Antiquarius virtually this past week and I tuned in to see a fellow colleague Susan Watson Scully and Eddie Ross share some of their COVID inspired home entertaining and decorating tips. My favorite Sparkle take-away was Eddie suggested using Fairy lights as “twine” on packages that you might want to drop at a neighbor’s doorstep one evening to remain socially distant but sharing holiday cheer. Or just light up your own packages under your tree! A great idea to share some sparkle!

Our family gingerbread night was a huge success! We had a great time and were thrilled to see our houses featured on the photo montage that was part of the virtual experience. If you would prefer to experience Gingerbread without the mess, the Lounsbury House in Ridgefield has ingeniously found a way for you to do so safely outdoors! This is a festive fundraiser for the Lounsbury House with the Ridgefield Guild of Artists; the houses are either replicas of historic homes in Ridgefield or original design entries displayed in the windows of the Lounsbury House where you can safely walk the porch outside and view the display. Bring some hot chocolate and make it a festive family activity and vote for your favorite house. Your vote will help support Lounsbury at a time when they are unable to host traditional events. If you are not familiar with the location, this is a great opportunity to check out this historic venue to keep in mind for weddings and other gatherings which are starting to book for 2021.

Of course Sparkling Beverages are a tradition for the season! Whether you prefer Prosecco, Sparkling Wine or Champagne, you can’t help but feel festive from the Pop of the cork to the effervescence of the pour to the gentle bubbles rising in the glass, tickling your nose and twinkling while catching the candle or firelight- the glass is alive in your hand. Prosecco is great to use as the sparkling base for holiday cocktails and of course, a good champagne is best enjoyed on its own.

Click Here for my favorite simple Holiday sparkling beverage. Festive, delicious and easy to make!

Whatever your preferences, however you decide to shine, be sure to shine brightly, enjoy the Twinkling lights and be sure to add some Sparkle to your Holiday and everyday.


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