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In the Practice of Gratitude

The practice of Gratitude is all around us today. We hear about it in our Yoga or spin classes to complete our work out sessions. I have also heard the practice to be encouraged in Leadership studies with regards to employees, coworkers and clients as a way of building relationships and trust. Gratitude is also encouraged as a practice that is enriching for our own personal growth and development, and keeping a Gratitude journal is a good way to commit to the activity – the act of writing things down makes them that much more impactful.

So one morning as I was participating in my own acts of gratitude I decided that I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you- my clients, my colleagues and my staff for all of your support in the continuing growth of Events by Marylee, LLC.  And then I realized it was May.

May is synonymous with Mother’s Day. And I was moved to dedicate this newsletter to all the mothers out there.  For all of the selfless and thoughtful things you do for us with love, both now and especially when we were fully dependent upon you- All the little everyday things you do/did- the things that make each of our lives just a little bit brighter each day, we say Thank you. You have enabled us all to have and live the lives that we do- Every day is possible because of YOU.  So to you, my mom, I say Thank you, and I love you. None of this would be possible without you.

So if you would like to offer your Mom a day off, either on May 13, or any other day, we have staff available that enjoy expressing their gratitude with acts of service for you.  Please call and let us help you give gratitude to those that you love.


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