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Our winters are usually long and cold, but I have already noticed that the days are getting longer- the afternoons are brighter, which always makes me smile and brings me hope at the end of the day. The news of the COVID vaccine is also promising that we will eventually be able to gather together again. In the meantime, I wanted to do something to keep us in touch and add some joy to our day and share with our friends and family while supporting other small businesses. I have put together a collection of items from some of my favorite vendors as well as some new local small businesses that I wanted to share with you. They are available in three different gift boxes; Peace/Love/Gratitude & Appreciation is what I am naming the boxes and I created a special logo for the project. Each box will come with 2 masks with the signature logo on them so we can all practice safe hygiene and social distancing. What is nice, is if you like any of the items, you will be able to purchase more directly from the vendors! Let me introduce you!

Dante Ayars is the craftsman and artisan behind the Bungalow Scent Company. His candles can be purchased at the Cedar Corners General Store on High Ridge Road in Stamford or online at his website, hyperlink above. The candles are handmade in Stamford CT from plastic free products, all natural Soy Wax and infused with natural essential oils. Dante is the son of a good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy his candles, and there is a special Valentine’s Day candle in the Love gift box. Candles make great gifts, they enhance our home environments by infusing the air with scents that can elevate and soothe our moods. We all are spending so much time at home these days, why not freshen our space by changing the scent!

Haley Keane is the curator behind Graze and Co. I had the pleasure of doing a few events with her in 2019 where she skillfully created beautifully composed and delicious Grazing Tables for guests grazing pleasure. For 2020 and 2021 she has been able to package the grazing table experience into individual Graze Boxes which are available locally at NewSylum Brewery, and Aquila's Nest Vineyard (both in Newtown) Try them in the Peace or Gratitude & Appreciation Gift Box as well as directly from Haley on her website. Enjoy!

Sono Bath Works creates 100% all natural vegan soaps. I was recently introduced to them when I put the word out that I was creating these curated boxes and a colleague recommended I speak to Dave. The base formula for the soaps contains Olive oil, coconut oil, Palm oil, sunflower oil and Shea butter. Due to the handmade nature of the soaps the size of bars may vary. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed speaking with Dave.

What is a gift box without chocolates? I am so excited to work with Michael from Noteworthy Chocolates. He was able to take the custom logo I designed for this project and engrave it on the chocolate bars for this gift box campaign. What is great for all of us to know is that his chocolates are available for wedding and party favors and client gifts all year round. He also recommends them as place cards for dinners and weddings, too! They are delicious and affordable. I hope you enjoy them and share this business with others.

Need a logo or other custom party favors? Jennifer from Chives Creative is my go to favorite. She was able to create the logo from my vision for this project and nailed it on the first try! Of course we explored other options before sticking with our first attempt. It is Jen’s logo that easily translated to the chocolates for Michael to work with. She is able to work with smaller minimums which makes her service invaluable for smaller parties and micro weddings. The masks are from Chives Creative. Wear them in Good Health with Love.

Sabrina from DiMare’s Pastry is a pillar in our hospitality community. She is always smiling and has an incredible can do attitude. She has created and re-created a number of special requests for me. She is honored to be a part of our small business curated gift boxes. Taste her love in everything she makes. Enjoy!

Peace/Love/Gratitude & Appreciation Gift Boxes- Orders must be placed by 7pm on Wednesday for a Friday or Saturday local delivery. All gifts are packaged in a white box. Personalized gift notes can be included on your request. Curbside pickup in Stamford is available upon request, otherwise orders will be hand delivered within Fairfield and Westchester for $25 delivery fee.

Love Gift Box – Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day $60

Your gift recipient will enjoy the Special edition Valentine’s Candle from the Bungalow Scent Co., Handmade soap from the SoNo Bathworks, Noteworthy chocolates, 2 custom masks and a sweet treat from DiMare’s for a special Valentine’s price of $60

Gratitude & Appreciation Gift Box $75

This curated box contains Charcuterie from Graze and Co., a Signature scented candle from Bungalow Scent Company, a soap from So No Bath works, chocolates from Noteworthy Chocolates, a sweet surprise from DiMare’s and 2 custom masks, share one with a friend.

Peace Gift Box $75

This box features the harmony of both the crudité and Cheese Graze box. Signature scented candle from Bungalow Scent Co., Cookies from DiMare’s Bakery, Noteworthy Chocolates, and 2 masks to wear in good health. Packaged with good intentions for $75

My intention with these gift boxes is to offer you some Joy, express my gratitude and appreciation and hope that you will enjoy these items and share them with family and friends. They are all great for any occasion. Wishing you Joy and good health always.


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