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Leave your Shopping Bags at Home!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I have plenty of reusable shopping bags in the back seat of my car and I have quite a collection from various events and organizations piled in my closet at home, but they somehow never make it inside the grocery store with me! Ugh!  This is one of the many reasons I LOVE new online and app based grocery delivery services like Instacart, Peapod, Fresh Direct, Amazon and Drizly. I never have to try to juggle lemons and limes without a bag again when shopping for a party! Sure you can make a list and go to the store, but you have to have time to get there, find a parking space, hope that the car next to you does not open their door into yours, and be careful to avoid rogue and abandoned shopping carts rolling through the parking lot as if magnetized to your car! The perils of grocery shopping can actually take the joy out of entertaining. Add to that the ban on bags and the reasons to use or try grocery delivery services are very appealing.

When these services first appeared, they may have seemed frivolous. We may have scrunched our noses at our neighbors who were early adopters. I know Peapod has made my sister’s life easier as she juggles full time work, three kids, a dog, a household and health issues; these services have really been a life saver! Recognizing their value, I have started to recommend them to my clients when preparing for their event. I have a standard list of garnish and ingredients that are common to most events and you can just order in advance, have it delivered and not worry about easy items like lemons, limes, other garnish, coffee, milk and sugar! The reasons to be organized are endless, but it is nice to know that there are services that can not only make your life easier, they may actually save the day!

When possible I like to use my local ice delivery service that I lovingly call, “The Ice Man” or even a local wine shop that delivers, but they can’t help you if you run out of ice and Vodka in the middle of an event. Enter a new App called  We have had first-hand experience of using this service at a small back yard wedding last month. Icing the tubs of wine and beer used more ice than the client expected- thankfully the wedding had not yet started- and we needed some cranberry juice and a few other mixers too. It was not hard to meet the minimum amount for the delivery and Voila! Drizly delivered on time and efficiently! The wedding went on undisturbed!  I highly recommend this lifesaving party tool!

Speaking of handy party tools… I recently launched my personal list of helpful tips and tricks for organizing your next event. With the entertaining season and the Holidays just around the corner, I recommend you follow this link and download your own copy for reference and future use! It is available to anyone new that subscribes to my newsletter, but I wanted to make sure you all got a copy, too. “Insightful Planning, Exceptional Results” This is the embodiment of our tagline. There are suggestions on quantities, table and linen sizes, how many glasses of wine in a bottle or a case, etc. If after you read it, you think of other items I should include please let me know, I plan on updating this often to keep the information current and useful for everyone. If you have a story to share that relates to running out of something or forgetting something important, feel free to reply back and share with me. Stay tuned as this list will continue to evolve.

Even with all these tools for success, sometimes nothing can replace the joy of working with others. Our Team thrives on providing you and your guests with a professional, warm, and memorable experience. Give us a call, we look forward to personally assisting you!


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