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No More Leftovers!

Three Kings Day, Epiphany, Twelfth Night- Whatever you celebrate or acknowledge, I think we can all agree that January 6 officially marks the end of the Holiday Season. Time to take down your decorations.  Even for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the lights are turned off on January 7 at 9pm. For me, I am rejoicing the fact that I have NO MORE LEFTOVERS or Sweets/Cookies left in the house! We made sure we ate the last cookie on Sunday January 6th!!

With regards to Holidays and Events in general, do you ever wonder what else you could do with your excess party food? Guests often don’t eat as much as we think they will, or friends bring unexpected dishes and desserts, or maybe you just don’t have enough refrigerator space to keep it all. After you give away as much as you can to departing friends and family, what other options are there? Many times people want to donate the food but do not know how. There are many questions that arise if food is suitable to be donated to Shelters, did it sit out too long? Will they accept it? How do we get it there? Aren’t they closed now? All valid questions that prevent most of us from taking the next step.

I would like to introduce you to a member of our team, Victoria, who actually has taken personal action and responsibility to do something about this and offer assistance:

“Catering provides me the opportunity to donate leftover food which I take to a nearby shelter and they are always very grateful to accept it, even when I arrive at midnight.  Hunger and food waste are two crises I feel deeply about eliminating so I volunteer for Food Rescue US. As volunteers, we pick up food that would otherwise go to waste from grocers, restaurants and other food industry sources, and deliver to shelters, food pantries and other organizations that quickly distribute to those in need. If you have a few hours a week, consider becoming a volunteer and sign up at”

I have wanted to share this message with you for a while and never found the right opportunity or segue. I am grateful to Victoria for her passion and commitment in going the extra mile on many events and making this happen on her own.  I would be honored to incorporate this plan into any of your events and assist you when you may anticipate additional food that you do not want to go to waste. Feel free to email or call me to discuss how we can address any sustainability practices at your next event, it would be my pleasure and a great way to start 2019.

Victoria is a treasured asset to our team. I love that she often brings her own flowers to decorate buffets or passing trays of delightful hors d’oeuvres. Thank you Victoria for all you do. If you have not yet worked with her, I will share some of her own words with you here:

“I absolutely love catering and especially working with Marylee!  The events are meticulously thought out and every detail is taken into consideration, which makes for very smooth events as well as happy clients. While I work in the corporate world during the week, I totally enjoy catering on the weekends. It provides me with insight into both cultural and religious events that I would otherwise not experience, including Passover Seder and Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.  Catering is also incredibly fun, festive and social, not to mention fabulous exercise!”


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