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Not traveling for Spring Break? No problem, take a tropical cocktail break with Dan!

In my last newsletter I featured food related ideas to beat the winter blues. This week how about a personalized Craft Cocktail lesson from a Mixologist that can transport your senses to exotic locations or travel back in time to the glamorous golden age of classic cocktails! Is there really a benefit to “Shaken, not Stirred?”  Let me introduce you Dan, another member of our team that has demonstrated the ability to quench your curiosity and thirst!

"One of my best catering memories was when a guest came up to the bar and told me that he just came back from spending a week in Bermuda and drank strawberry daiquiris all week long. He asked me: "Would you be able to make something comparable?" After scouring the fridge and pantry for fresh fruits, I was able to find some berries, tropical fruits and pouches of Gerber apple strawberry puree. Once I incorporated everything, I served the cocktail with a strawberry garnish. It became a party favorite for rest of the evening.” Dan and I met in Wine School back in 2008 and we have been friends ever since; working together, sharing wine and culinary delights. Dan and I also share a technical and analytical background which naturally translates well to catering and events:  “My day job in finance can be very predictable and repetitive. As such, I really enjoy opportunities in catering when I have to think on my feet and troubleshoot.” Over the years Dan has honed and expanded his skills by spending his off time patronizing 5 star restaurants and bars and sharing his experiences with colleagues, clients and guests, often bringing unusual fruits and ingredients that he purchased in his regional travels to share and experiment with.

 “Another memory that brought a smile to my face was when someone asked me, 'What was the secret to making the modified French Gimlet so delicious?' This simple cocktail had only 6 ingredients: Gin, St Germain, mint, lime, club soda and ice.  So the trick, not unlike marinating meats, was to soak chopped mint in the Gin/St Germain mixture. After a while, the mint flavor would be infused in the alcohol, then simply pour over ice, add lime juice and club soda. Garnish with a mint sprig. Voila!” Artisan ingredients are not just for food anymore! Events by Marylee can help you organize a custom Craft Cocktail experience for you and your friends. Choose a theme or a spirit to highlight; we can incorporate bitters, introduce you to popular or unusual liqueurs, vintage drinks from famous restaurants or try to recreate your favorite vacation drink experience! Dan, along with other talented members of our team, would love to share their passion for exceptional food, drink and service with you. Now we can proudly say:  More than just Wine… Craft Cocktails, anyone?

Reach out to us today and let us create artisanal cocktail memories for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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