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Personal Responsibility and Social Distancing

To My Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, I often write to you and remind you to reflect on the importance of family and friends and the significance of celebrating life together. During this time of concern for everyone affected by this virus we can all take the time to reflect and focus on the things that are important to ourselves and our families, which is our collective health. We, at Events by Marylee, respect and honor the gift of life and the importance of health and therefore support the tough decisions of Social Distancing as it relates to current and future social events and activities you may have had planned. This is an action of Personal Responsibility.  I have compassion for you all, and if I can be of support to you in any way with regards to navigating your concerns moving forward, please feel free to reach out.  Social distancing and self-quarantine does not have to mean we are socially disconnected. Now more than ever before we have amazing ways to stay in touch and continue to conduct business using platforms such as Zoom, Face Time, Facebook Live videos, email of course as well as our phones to stay connected. This is an opportunity to utilize and embrace technology now more than ever before. I myself have recently started to use videos as a quick and personal way to reach out and communicate to our staff on a personal level-something I had successfully avoided before up to last week. The Dali Lama says, “Impermanence is the only constant.” We must adjust and respond accordingly.  I enjoy using Zoom- it is an app that can be downloaded for free on your phone, tablet or accessible on desktop, too allowing multiple people on a video conference at the same time. I am open to working with you on this platform if it is applicable to your situation.

Change and uncertainty can cause anxiety. Our current situation is causing rampant anxiety for everyone. In sifting through all the emails I received from every organization’s response to this crisis, what I found most useful was an email I got from Gretchen Rubin on Friday. Gretchen is an author and speaker that I had the opportunity to see recently at the Ferguson Library in Stamford CT. In her recent blog/newsletter, she focuses on anxiety and offers tips on staying calm during this time of the Corona Virus. You can find the excerpt of her newsletter here.  I have always been a big fan of comedy and the healing power of laughter. She suggests a few videos to make you smile and reduce your anxiety. I hope you enjoy her blog and are able to try a few of her suggestions. We are blessed that the weather has been mild and will allow all of us to avoid cabin fever. I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and clear your mind of fear.

The Covid-19 situation is ever changing- I feel the world has changed every 15 mins this past week. We will continue to follow the directives from The State of Connecticut, CDC and local government recommendations in relation to health and social distancing guidelines.  I encourage you to be the leader, set the example. People are watching each other and will follow your lead.

On behalf of the team at Events by Marylee, we thank you for your support and we hope that you and your families are able to remain safe and healthy.


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