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Refreshing Mocktails, Anyone?

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your herb garden. The fresh herbs are able to not only impart magical essences to your beverages and food, but also lend themselves to a great garnish, too. Many of my garden flowers were destroyed by all the rain we have had, but thankfully, the herbs are heartier and have not only survived but thrived. I brought a few cuttings to an event last week to decorate the hors d’oeuvres trays and they complemented the menu perfectly.

We recently did an event where the hostess wanted to feature a Mocktail that incorporated fresh rosemary sprigs with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and fresh cucumber. All the guests enjoyed the beverage, and a few even enjoyed it with a spike of their favorite spirit. The presentation was as pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Now that summer is finally turning up the heat and the Fourth of July is right around the corner with many daytime BBQs, picnics, and reunions, we all need some refreshing beverages to keep us hydrated as well as allow us to enjoy a full day of family friendly events. It is always good practice to offer alternatives to alcoholic drinks.

I love the look of beverage dispensers for outdoor bars. They are colorful, festive and even make the drinks look more refreshing as you can usually see herbs and fresh fruits inside, adding to the appeal. These dispensers can be used for just infused water, such as cucumber, lemon, mint, or lemonade, Iced Tea/Sun Tea, as well as Sangria or other premade cocktails. All will serve to keep a crowd pleased and refreshed.  Get creative, try Sage with fresh blueberries! These dispensers are easy to find at Bed and Bath or Target, OR call and borrow mine!

Enjoy your Fourth of July! Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing your favorite Mocktail or infused water. Our team is ready to mix up a refreshing and pleasing beverage for you anytime. Give us a call!


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