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Summertime Entertaining Must Haves!!

One of my catering frustrations has been the inability to find suitable stemless glasses- especially flutes. Add to that the need for plastic for outdoor, picnic or poolside events, and the frustration grows more intense. We are all familiar with the heavy walled clear plastic (acrylic or Lucite) wine glasses of the past that if you put them in the dishwasher, they were toast! They turned cloudy and “crazed” and cracked. Totally unappealing to be used again. Your alternative is to always hand wash them. That is fine for a party of 10 or 12, but does not work well when entertaining for 20+ guests.

Imagine my awe and surprise when I went to Gurney’s in Newport, RI and I was greeted with beautiful cocktails served patio and pool side in tasteful thin walled plastic glasses! Every drink was served in a flawless clear plastic glass! How did they do that?  Knowing what happens to plastic when washed, I inquired how they cared for the glasses. To my amazement, the server told me they were all Recyclable!!! Those of you that know me, know that I am a consummate recycler. I do not want to get judgmental on the impact on conservation of washing and reusing vs disposable/recyclable as we know that is a losing argument. However, there are times that necessity and function are the focus. (And instead of disposing of my glasses, I tucked them in my bag and collected as many as I could as I was afraid I would never find them again!)

If you have not seen these stemless beauties and don’t have a trip to Newport on your calendar, you can relax and pop on and you will be greeted with a wide selection of these gems, many of them stating they are BPA free! And very affordable, around a $1/flute. They are sturdy and do not topple over easily as traditional stems do. No more assembly required! Stemless wines and Goblets are also available through Amazon. Why not grab a bunch and keep them on hand!  You are ready to go to the beach or summer concerts at Tanglewood or the Bartlett Arboretum! And for such a low price, you don’t have to feel guilty recycling them rather than packing up dirty glasses to carry home!

If you are planning a large party, I also have the source for bulk purchasing that Gurney’s used ;)

Enjoy the summer everyone! Events by Marylee is always happy to work with you on your entertaining needs. Call or email us today! Share this email with a friend, we appreciate your referrals. We promise to treat them as well as we treated you!


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