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Tapas! The perfect COVID catering solution!

It is true that we can’t have open, self-serve buffets. Stationary hors d'oeuvres and grazing tables are currently a thing of the past. Yes, it’s true, we won’t have to see the eternal crudité and cheese platter at every event anymore! Maybe that is a good thing! Lol!  We have all heard so much about all the things we can’t do in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic. I thought it would be refreshing to talk about some of the things that we can do! I have previously mentioned that Food Trucks are OK! As they provide contactless service. But have you thought about Tapas? Tapas or small plates are an option that could be the perfect solution to your personal event food service dilemma.

Small plates or Tapas Style, are individual small plates of traditionally Spanish Cuisine. However, we can modify this style to suit our needs now. Small individual plates can be served to your guests on either disposable plastic or compostable wares, or small tasting plates. Some rental companies have a great variety of shapes and sizes of these tasting plates as they are also used in Chef’s tasting dinners- where you have multiple small courses that make up the meal. It is the small, individual plate that makes the service style lend itself to COVID food service safety restrictions as each plate is personal and served only to one individual, reducing handling of the items, and with reduced points of contact, you reduce your risk of surface transmission of any germ.


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