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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I came across this quote in December and I thought it was a perfect description for our business because when working on an event, it does take a team! Sometimes it is just one on one, and sometimes the event has many players that all play a part in the ultimate success and satisfaction of both the client, guests, and team for a job well done. The quote also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to some of the members of our team here at Events by Marylee.  

Michael joined our team in the Spring of 2017 and quickly became a key member because of his ability to work in many capacities: Server, Bartender, Captain, and Chef. He is always enthusiastic and up for the challenge of whatever myself and the clients ask him to do. He embraces every role with commitment and care. Out of all the roles he plays, I think he most enjoys his time as a Chef. He has created and executed some amazing meals from simple to complex. He even travels with his own equipment, including his famous “secret ingredient.”  But I think it is best to let him speak for himself:

“I fell in love with cooking when I was a little boy and watched my grandmother cook. The whole house would be filled with the delicious aromatic aromas of her labors. It was obviously a labor of love.  Now that my grandmother is long gone, I carry on her legacy by cooking with her 100 year old (cast) iron skillet. It's now my labor of love.”    --Michael The cast iron skillet is really large!  He can fit 12 filet mignons in it at a time!  I affectionately nicknamed his skillet, Old Ironsides, which he corrected and reminded me of the famous original owner of that name:

“My 'old ironsides' (lower case). Not to be confused with The US Navy's first battleship (frigate) USS Constitution. Affectionately known as 'Old Ironsides' because the British cannon fire bounced off its' 24 inch thick oak hull in The War of 1812.” Whether you have worked with Michael or any of the amazing staff at Events by Marylee, we look forward to bringing your vision and entertaining needs to life! Reach out to us today; it is our passion and pleasure to assist you!

Passionate staff and satisfied clients is what a successful event is all about. Listen to a recent comment from a satisfied client, a year later!

“Hey there, Marylee!

My husband Robbie and I are still talking about what a brilliant job you and your staff did for our home wedding! Every detail was taken care of and the servers were brilliant and there was virtually no cleanup to take care of afterwards. So, again, we thank you. 

All the best, Emily and Robbie, North Salem, NY


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