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Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving

And so our busy time is upon us. Thanksgiving is one week away and everyone is familiar with the tradition of sharing a meal of blessings and thanks with their family. However, I have also heard more often in the past couple of years where people are also celebrating “Friendsgiving” with their chosen families and friends. It is a lovely tradition and I am happy to be a part of many of your celebrations.

As you may recall, we discussed Northern Rhone wines and how they lended themselves as great pairings with the root vegetables of the Fall harvest as well as the traditional meats of turkey and ham with stuffing and gravy. My colleague Joel was so kind to share with us his knowledge of the wines, the terroir and history of the area.  In doing my research for this edition, I found a number of supporting articles of the very same idea that Rhone is a great place to “shop” for your Thanksgiving entertaining. I was genuinely surprised to see that Robert Parker even agreed with me!  I was especially pleased that he favored the wines of Southern Rhone, which is the area we were highlighting this week. Some wine geek trivia to share with you regarding Rhone, sometimes wines are referred to as GSM blends.  In case you were wondering it stands for Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre. Please feel free to follow the links below to learn more.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebration with all your loved ones. If you have not made your Holiday/December party plans yet, it is not too late to give me a call. As always, it is my pleasure to assist you!


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