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The Gift of a Referral

Knowing what you do best and staying true to your core business and values is a best practice all year round. It is easy to become over committed and over extended during the holiday season. Knowing when to say No is an important lesson.  We can’t be everything to everyone-being aware of this is a best practice of self-preservation and also can be an act of Good Will towards others when we refer each other.

There are times in my discussions with clients and listening to your needs and requests, it becomes apparent that I may not be able to fulfil your desires either because I am already fully committed for that date or time- to take on additional work would be out of integrity to both myself and you, my client. Or, you may be asking for something that I know someone else does better!  I am not afraid to speak honestly to you and refer you to a trusted colleague or associate. It is my way of offering Good Will towards all. Accountability, Authenticity and Integrity are core values of my business and the principles resonate in all we do.

Earlier this month a client offered me Good Will by posting a testimonial on a local Working Mom’s thread. Thank you Roslyn for your Referrals! She was even kind enough to point out specific dates that were already sold out.

It is not too late to offer a shout out or testimonial or referral. Feel free to reply to this email with your comment and wishes, or forward to a friend. I promise to offer them the same personal service I have provided to you.

Wishing you all a holiday season full of peace, love, and joy!


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