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Welcome to Extra Sensory Events!

Events by Marylee is proud to announce that we are celebrating 10yrs of Love and Joy through social gatherings and celebrations!

It has been our honor to grow along with the requests and needs of our clients over this time and we are grateful for your love and support, and recognize and appreciate our staff and vendors, too. We bravely continued to offer our services during COVID and knew that we would not only survive, but that we would thrive on the other side of amazing change and growth.

Events are in full bloom! Driven by Social Media, events have come alive! We like to say they have become Fully Immersive! Because everyone has access to social media, everyone wants what they see - a full sensory, immersive experience or Extra Sensory Experiences - it is all about the Experience! Meaning, the event can stimulate and appeal to all 5 senses! Sights, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Touch. Some of the visuals of Reels and Stories are so vivid you can almost smell the flowers, feel and hear the beat of the music, or taste the delicious foods that are presented so artfully. 

Everything is done with an eye for beauty and art to excite and engage our senses, to draw us in, all the way to the tiniest detail for that Fully Immersive Experience.

We have been loving every opportunity to incorporate a Wow Factor! – whether it is a professional dance performance, Broadway soloists, or amazing character performers - party entertainment and theme development has moved beyond the ordinary. Our clients do not cease to surprise and delight us with their amazing requests. We love it when clients challenge us to create these fully immersive events. However, we could not create these Extra Sensory Events without the talent and magic of our trusted vendors and caterers. Through our relationships, all things are possible! We have developed the acumen and discernment to bring the right vendors together to deliver your vision, your theme, your experience! We call this magic our Signature Service. It is how we make you feel – from the first phone call to the follow up, we are with you every step of the way, it is the experience you get from working with us. We are wholistic, caring and comprehensive in our attention to detail and your event needs. Our 6th sense is that our clients and your guests might not remember what we did or what we said, but they will remember how we made them feel every step of the way. We love what we do and we put our hearts into our work for you.

Ten years ago, the business began with the same Signature Service we offer today by providing light planning and staffing; supplying Servers, Bartenders, Chefs, Captains, and Wine Specialists to our many happy clients and the events we planned with them. We are proud that our staff are ServSafe Certified in Safe Alcohol and Food Handling Certifications and we have grown to now offer a 401K to our team. The events of 2014 and beyond laid the foundation for what we have become as the level of attention and care has not changed. Staffing for events with Events by Marylee has never been simply transactional. We truly care about the outcome of your event; we do our best to match the skills of the staff to the needs of your gathering and reflect the energy you want to create; we like to know as much about your event so that we can be of the best service to you. We call this process our Signature Staffing Service. With the rise of Take Out, Delivery and Drop off Catering, we recognized the need for enhanced Culinary support- not necessarily the skills of a Chef – but more experience than a server; a Server with knowledge of food service and prep; a staff member that can handily work both Front and Back of the House. The position of Culinary Server was born. The Culinary Server can manage your menu and pay attention to the needs of your guests and direct the staff to create the experience in hospitality and service you are looking for. The creation of the Culinary Server is a key element to our Staffing success!

We invite you to share the experience of our Signature Services and maybe some Extra Sensory Elements! Whether it is our Event Planning or our Signature Staffing Service, we will treat you and your event with the utmost care and attention with gratitude. We truly strive to provide you with peace of mind.

It has been our pleasure to be a part of your celebrations and we look forward to so many more fun, fully immersive experiences in the years to come!


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