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What size do I order?

With my last newsletter still hot on my mind, I was moved to go ahead and order some of these disposable/recyclable glasses myself in preparation for my summer vacations at the Jersey Shore and Block Island. I went to Amazon and started to shop. There are many choices to choose from. I ended up purchasing Tossware as they had multiple size options for the best prices. But which size did I want? Did I want a Tumbler? A Goblet? Tumbler Jr? Vino sized? 12oz, 14oz, 18oz? You can’t really tell from a photo! I read some of the reviews, but I was still unsure what was the right size for both a mixed drink- say a Dark and Stormy, and a nice glass of wine?

I decided I needed to do my due diligence for both myself and all of you. I ordered a box of each size! (Kind of how I shop for shoes and clothes, too! When you can’t decide, just buy both! Lol!) Why not? I can always share them with my friends!

So the 12oz and the 14oz and the wine glass from Gurney’s all held 8oz (one cup) of liquid comfortably, but they are small glasses- only about 3.5” to 4” tall.

The 18oz Goblet- which sounded so large- like it would be too big, is actually a good size for the mixed drink or a generous pour of wine. Holding 16oz of liquid (2 cups) with ease, and also, when you pour 8oz (1 cup) it allows plenty of air space for swirling and is probably optimally full with 12oz (1.5 cups) and they stand 4.5” tall.

I am going to keep some of these samples so that when we work together, we can refer to their size and decide what would work best for your cocktail of choice. My thoughts are, if you can find a 12oz glass that is a nice size.  Glass size is also important if you were using these to set a table outside- you would want your water and wine to be slightly different sized. Scroll down on the Tossware link and you will find the full selection of Tossware items, it seems they even make Pint Beer Glasses in the Recyclable size- Just in time for Tailgating!!

It is never too soon to start to plan your upcoming fall events. I look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy your summer and your disposable/recyclable glasses!

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Mar 02, 2019

As an addendum to this, I wanted to let you know that the 14oz size works great for all cocktails, and if you are setting a table, go with the larger size for the water. Cheers!

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