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Yes, I tried Canned Wines! Now it is your turn to try the Can!

Summer officially begins tomorrow! And summer events are already in full swing! Pool Parties, Graduation Parties, Concerts and annual picnics as well as a enjoying time at the beach or on a boat and of course, traveling locally for your favorite summer vacation destination. The one thing all these activities usually have in common is being outdoors!  As I previously mentioned, many of these activities frown on the use of glass. With all this in mind, I went ahead and tasted a few canned wines. It turns out that the wines are not that bad! I enjoyed both the Pinot Gris and the Pinot Noir (oh Burgundy forgive me!) Both of these choices hailed from Oregon. I was not as fond of the varieties of Rose in the can that I tried, but that is not to say that they were bad, I am just spoiled by Rose from Provence. For the test, I did pour the wine from the can into a plastic stemless wine glass- I did not drink directly from the can!  

While testing the taste and the experience of the canned product, I did think of another advantage of the Canned Wine- It is good for travel. Cans pack well in a cooler- much more “comfortably” than a whole bottle of wine, and they also hide better in your suitcase or back pack or other baggage when checking into a hotel that frowns upon BYOB!! And they fit well in the mini fridge, too which is where I chilled mine! So I say, go ahead and give it a try. I know I had clients this past weekend that did serve wine in a can at their pool parties. Most guests will understand and drink what you offer, and maybe they will even be impressed by your demonstration of being an early adopter of this innovative offering. People may someday say, “I had my first canned wine at so and so‘s home!” Maybe it will be you!

Last newsletter, I mentioned that another way of transporting or enjoying your favorite wine in the summer is in a double walled insulated metal thermos. Many of you use them for your water bottles because of their ability to keep cold liquids cold for hours and hot liquids, hot, too. And if you are lucky to find one that is 750ml, you are golden! But have you noticed that now they make them in the shape of stemless wine and flutes, too! Following in the tradition of practicing what I share with you, I just purchased some of them this week- both the wine and the flutes! Stay tuned! I will let you know how it goes!  Now my favorite wine can maintain the proper temperature as well as not cause a hazard of broken glass. I have a tradition with some friends that graciously invite me to go clamming in the summer. We make it an occasion and bring our stemless plastic flutes on the boat and enjoy prosecco while clamming- the only problem is, of course, the prosecco gets warm quickly (but we usually finish it before it is too warm! Lol).  This year I will be able to bring the insulated flutes! Now the only problem is, will they float??? TBD

Now you have all you need for your summer entertaining on the go and in the great outdoors. Our team is ever ready to lend a hand. Give us a call, it is our pleasure to assist you!  Enjoy your summer everyone!


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