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Employer Notices

Since we do not have an official office, all of the employer notices are housed here in one convenient spot for your viewing. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the HR Coordinator, Tina, and she will be happy to help!

FFCRA Poster

CT Workman's Comp



CT Wage and Workplace Standards


Sexual Harassment Prevention


CT State Posters


Federal Minimum Wage

CT Electronic Monitoring

CT Employment of Minors

Hartford Life Paid Family Leave

Pregnancy Disability

Background Check Disclosure / Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Polygraph EPPAC

NY Sexual Harassment

NY Job Safety & Health Protection

NY Wage Orders

NY Workman's Comp

NY State Posters

NY Food Allergies

NY Gratuities

NY Disability

Questions ?

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