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Industry Training / Professional Development

We take pride in our Staff being fully trained and prepared to handle every aspect of their position for an awesome guest experience. Certifications influence pay rates.

Upon completion of your course, please email your certificate to the HR Coordinator, for payment if applicable and to be added to your training record.

Required for Everyone

You may have completed with your new hire paperwork.

Mandated by the State of Connecticut

  • 10 Year Certification

  • We will pay you $50.00 to take the course. Pay will be added to your  your first event worked payroll.

  • Certificates from other employers are accepted

Take the Course with the Code: SSECT6

Cost $15.00

If you have the ServSafe Manager Course, the Food Handler course is optional.

Connecticut has 5 approved for Certified Food Protection Manager. Staff typically take the ServSafe Course linked below.

Additional Course Options can be found here.

alcohol server certification

Prepare yourself to handle the risks associated with serving alcohol. Staff typically take the ServSafe Alcohol Course linked below. 

We will also accept the TIPS Certification. You will want the On Premise Course

Required for  Servers

for best pay

Required for Chefs, Captains, and Leads

Required for Bartenders. Required for Servers for best pay.

food protection manager

servsafe food handler

Sexual Harassment

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