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New Hires - Onboarding

Welcome to Events by Marylee. We are excited to have you join the team!


Please see below the needed state and federal documents that must be submitted prior to beginning employment with Events By Marylee. We know it might be daunting to fill out all of the necessary paperwork upon being hired, but it must be done before you can begin receiving pay. Start at the first icon and complete everything on this page.

The new hire process also includes the Connecticut mandated sexual harassment training. We will accept a sexual harassment training certificate from another employer or we will pay you $50.00 to take the training. 

All of your completed forms are automatically submitted to our HR Coordinator. Should you have a question or run into an issue, feel free to email

I-9 Form

federal W4

state W4


direct deposit


Disclosure & Your Rights

Fair Credit Reporting Act

employee handbook

contact form

Sexual Harassment Training

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Important Details:


  • 2 hour course

  • Mandated by State of Connecticut

  • Certification good for 10 years

  • We will pay you $50.00 to take the course. Pay will be added to your  your first event worked payroll.

  • Certificate must to emailed to HR Coordinator for payment to be issued

  • We will accept certificate from another employer

to Begin

Preview the Fun!

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Holiday Staff
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Culture & Core Values

Creating an Inclusive, Purpose Driven Community to provide Hospitality and Service Excellence with Respect and Empathy

  • Develop and attract a diverse and passionate employee team

  • Create a culture of collaboration and teamwork to deliver a best in class client/guest experience

  • Focus on clients and co-workers through empathy and service and hospitality

  • Trust, Honesty, Accountability and Gratitude Always

  • Be Genuine through Empathy and Compassion

  • Listen to understand; Make Communication a priority

  • Help others succeed and excel

  • Leadership Self Selection

  • Respect each other and work environment; client’s property and rentals. Leave the premise better than we found it with a feeling of satisfaction

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